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This may sound like an odd reply but, does it matter if she is? By that I mean, at this moment in time, you say you love her with all your heart and she says she loves you too. That has to be worth something. When I first started writing Nicole, I thought the same way, "How do I Know", but then I realized at this moment, I am enjoying every minute of being her man. Sure it has its hard moments like not hearing from them for a day or two. Then you find out that some girls got in to a fight and they were on lockdown the whole time and couldn't use the phone. Your mind is your own worst enemy. The other thing that nobody seems to mention is that they are investing their time in to you as well. Trust goes both ways. Does she ask you about being faithful? I don't know about the facility in the state your in, but out here, everyone is required to have a job of some type. Its not like she is sitting around watching TV and doing her nails and writing 20 guys a day. She doesn't have the time to.
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