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My son has been in and out of trouble since about age 12 and at age 16 he was locked up for a violent crime. He’s 18 and is out now, I totally get that feeling of relief that you guys describe when he was finally sent down. I was obviously also terrified for him as unfortunately I spent 2 years inside at his age for a similar crime, so I knew what things were going to be like for him. He has a very short fuse (as I did at his age) but he managed to avoid getting shanked by some gang member or other. He’s on probation (what we call parole) now, but has broken his terms a few times, he’s just been lucky not to get caught. He’s trying to turn things around but just seems to have no self control.

I feel incredibly guilty that my son followed in my footsteps, I of all people should’ve been able to prevent it. To top it all off my wife has just been sent down for whacking a guy over the head with a bottle in the pub after he basically molested her. I can’t believe all three of us are now violent criminals. It just doesn’t feel real.
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