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Somebody should be getting contact with you soon. My fiancÚ is paroling to his parents' house and someone from the IDOC came and inspected a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if he'll be able to stay with you..I THINK it's up to the PO on that one, not sure. The conditions will differ for each person, but for my fiancÚ, he has to wear an ankle monitor. He is s sex offender so his rules will probably be different for someone who isn't, but I know general rules include no alcohol in the house, the PO can show up whenever. My fiance's specific rules include: no internet, can't even go outside, has to do counseling weekly, and can't be around people under 18. I'm not sure what else there is, and I'm sorry if I'm not much help. I hope someone talks to him soon about homecoming procedures.

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