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A home inspection by a parole agent is required if the PRB (Prisoner Review Board) has mandated electronic monitoring, there are other instances but they are rare.

If the PRB did not mandate electronic monitoring they you will either receive a call or letter from the Field Service Representative at Menard requesting permission for your son to live with you.

Agents can allow a parolee to live with a probationer, it just depends on the circumstances. I don't know what you are on probation for and what he is in custody for but back in my day I would not approve a meth user to reside with a meth cook. I also denied a few DUI offenders from living where the front porch was full of empty beer cans / bottles although there is not a restriction for regular parolees on alcohol consumption.

Parole has quite a few rules just like probation, so you need to check with your probation officer to see if they are okay with your son paroling to your residence. Parole does not have a rule forbidding living with someone on probation, in most cases it is the Probation Officer that will not allow the arrangement.

I do want to let you know that if the FSR approves your son to parole to your home the agent can deny it after his release, so here are some helpful hints: If you have dogs ensure they are spayed / neutered and micro chipped...yes there is a law regarding this in Il. No firearms or ammunition in the home which should not be an issue if you are on probation, no compound bows unless approved, no decorative swords or throwing stars and keep the home habitable...not agent wants to walk into a garbage filled home with cock roaches everywhere.

If you have any other questions feel free to send me a PM or reply.

Welcome to PT and I hope everything works our for you and your son.

Take Care Chris
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