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Default Voting after incarceration in Georgia

Did anyone see the article in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution? I am SO MAD!! Its incomprehensible why after having committed a crime, repenting of it and paying dearly for your sin, you should be deprived of your right as an American, to vote. The gist of the article is a meeting was held by state senators and nothing was accomplished. They have to decide which crimes qualify as nonviolent (duh?) or if you should have to have paid off all fines. The most maddening statistic of all is that Georgia probationers have an average of 6.3 years on probation, which is twice the national average. My son has 10 years, three times the national average! And while I'm venting, here's another really dumb thing; Senator Robertson from Cataula ( never heard of it) said the victims will get a say in who votes! Being the victim of a crime is terrible, but it doesn't leave you any smarter or with a burning desire for fairness. There are two more meetings before the committee recommends. If there is any way for the public to be involved, I hope all of us who are stake holders will make our voices heard.
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