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Originally Posted by miamac View Post
It's actually the Board of Parole who makes the decision to grant or deny. CDCR has given themselves more authority to impact the length of time served than ever in the last 18 months with the passing of Prop 57. That would appear on the surface to be a positive change because it arrived in the form of expanded credits and good time. But neither of those affect parole approval or denial. That's still in the hands of the Board.

Conversely, if census gets too low and they're facing facility closures, they have the authority to alter those credits so they become even harder to obtain and therefore hold people longer til their earliest eligible parole date.

Me and my home girl was talking and she was saying that her dude EP is in 2028 but he says that he only have 10 years to do. I donít know how long he been locked up. She was asking me would they make it hard to grant him parole. I told her idk
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