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Originally Posted by gvalliant View Post
Mia linked to the website that has more info. That website has text of their proposed ballot initiative. It is very specific. They are collecting signatures to qualify it for the ballot this fall.

Same stuff that has been tried multiple times to attack the early parole provisions of prop 57. Unlike previous attempts, this is going directly to voters instead of legislators. They appear well funded and organized with backing of LEO etc.

If they get the signatures they need, the public will vote on it. If that happens, the only way to stop it is convince voters to vote against it. Because if voters pass, it will be the law. Halo527 says in her first post that ACLU is already making their opposition known. I hope other advocacy groups emerge who will work to convince / educate the public that this is a bad idea.

And that we get behind them.
If there is a way we can get behind the effort to convince voters to vote against it that you know of, would you please let me know? I'm already planning on donating to ACLU.

And I plan on writing Op Ed pieces in California Newspapers about the experience our family ran into with our son. I never really knew or understood how the system worked until he got in trouble. I'm willing to be that there are many people who don't understand the system.

A good example to let people know is that I had no idea that you could amass 10 strikes in one incident! When I voted for that law, my understanding was that people would get three chances to get their act together. And although the Superior Court of California weighed in on it, the judge does NOT have to drop any of the prior strikes if they don't want to.

And also, I had no idea about gun enhancements and how they could affect your sentence. Or that many judges won't buck the DA's. Or how about how powerful the DA's are to totally destroy someone's life with these long harsh sentences? Especially when studies have been done that state that overly long sentences really don't do any good and in fact only make people feel that an injustice has been done to them.

Sorry, didn't mean to get on my soapbox - guess I'm just practicing
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