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My friend was in Men's Central, He was not allowed to recieve books FROM ME! He can receive them directly from the publisher though. Magazines the same.

The information line is pretty good, depending on what time you call, they can be LESS than helpful at around 5-7 pm and before 9 am. DON'T call at 12 noon. High priority is eating LOUDLY into the phone around then. far as visiting...CRAPPY!!!! You'll wait at LEAST 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday for a 15 minute visit. Prepare yourself to be IN LINE no later than 6 am to visit before 1 pm.

I've got some info if you need it.

Strasse, did you know that you are able to turn your email notification off? You can do that in the User Control Panel and Edit Options.

We do offer extensive support here, whether it be "I hope you find all the answers you're looking for" or whether it be just a good luck wish. We don't discriminate as to what posts we leave our wishes on. I would suggest clicking NO on "recieve email notification" if that bothers you.
Hugs and Keesums!
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