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Originally Posted by satx18 View Post
Is a halfway house assignment imposed as a condition of parole, or a choice the offender makes if they don't have any other good choices?
It can be either way. In some cases, the HWH is part of the conditions (usually if they have a program that the PO wants the person to complete). If there is not another realistic housing option, it is not unusual to start a parolee in a HWH.

Originally Posted by satx18 View Post
When parole is granted, would the parole dept make these arrangements for the soon to be parolee? Since it varies by the day, I'm not sure how anyone would ever make the arrangements, as it's my understanding housing arrangements have to be approved before parole is granted.
Generally, the parole dept makes the arrangements. Since many of the halfway houses work specifically for the TDCJ, POs have the ability to reserve a bed for a parolee. Consequently, the PO can call for availability and have them hold a bed (assuming one is free). It may vary from HWH to HWH, but POs generally have the ability to hold a bed or set up an intake interview in my experience. Good luck to your friend.
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