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loose address labels or stickers (I use a return address label on my letters and that's fine)
Lottery/Gambling/Contest Sweepstakes
excessive puzzles or coloring pages -limit 2
inmate to inmate mail
stickers, glitter, confetti, white out
stationary items (they have to buy it from the commisary)
exceeds 1,000 pages
intoxicants displayed
promotes racial hatred
exceeds 4x6 photo limit
carbon paper
nude photos
food stamps
advocates riots/insurrection/escape
maps/transportation schedule
internet material
calendar too big - must be desk size
blank cards or postcards
food items
glue or adhesives
perfume, cologne, scented items
tobacco or tobacco products
photo copies
graphic/detailed sexual behavior
hardback/leather/vinyl bound
advocates drugs
glorifies murder/ sex crimes/ gangs
exceeds 25 photo limit during incarceration
blank greeting card
semi nude photos including babies and children
gang signs/ symbols/ hand gestures
need prior approval/ no approval on file
survival information
welfare or social security checks
obscene/ offending jokes
cash or checks
gel pens/ metallic ink/ paint
lipstick/ bodily fluids
polaroid picture
postal stamps for inmate use
inappropriate poses
violent content
advocates violence
exceeds 8.5 x 11 paper limits
construction paper
sexual explicit material
displaying excessive cash
unknown substance on paper
letter/ item confiscated
not conducive to rehab
altered/ scratched out/ endorsed
cut up photo

Mail Requirements-
Acceptable items for US Mail delivery to inmates/detainees include; letters, money orders, cashier's checks, photographs, newspaper or magazine clippings pertaining to your case, legal documents forwarded by your attorney or licensed legal counsel, written documents for your signature (Power of Attorney). Only 5 books/magazines allowed in 30 day time span. All books/magazines must be shipped by publisher or reputable book store with a shipping invoice.

No inmate may establish or conduct business during his or her period of incarceration.

All incoming letters and parcels must include a return address, inmates committed name, SBI#, and correct institutional address. If any of these items are not met, letter or parcel will be stamped refused and returned to the USPS to be handled according to USPS regulations. It is the inmates responsibility to notify senders of authorized and allowed items.

All items considered contraband will result in the envelope/package and its entire contents being returned to senders return address or forwarded to be investigated for criminal violations.

Anu unauthorized items received via private carrier_UPS, FED EX, AIRBOURNE) must be removed from faciltiy within 5 days of notification. A pay-to MUST be submitted with sufficient funds available to send item out; otherwise items will be disposed of in accordance with policy.

1 watch per year. Must be completely hard plastic (band, case, plastic crystal) brand new with hour/second hands shipped with original store receipt valued less than $30.00, no hand receipts, no games, calculators, remotes, digital displays, or devices. One kufi per 6 months, replacement on a 1 for 1 basis. 1 prayer rug per year, replacement on a 1 for 1 basis.
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