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Default Washington ends prison gerrymandering

Prisoners of the just posted this article explaining that a newly passed law in Washington guarantees that inmates will be counted for the U.S. census at their actual homes, not at the location of the prisons where they are held.

"Washington Governor Jay Inslee signs law ending prison gerrymandering, ensuring that people in state prisons will be counted as residents of their home addresses when new legislative districts are drawn, making Washington the fifth state to end the practice known as prison gerrymandering.

The Washington State Constitution states that, for the purposes of voting, people in prison should be counted as residents of their hometowns. However, the United States Census Bureau counts incarcerated people as residents of the places where they are incarcerated. As a result, when Washington State used Census counts to draw past legislative districts, it unintentionally enhanced the weight of votes cast in districts containing prisons at the expense of all other districts in the state".
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