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Default The long road ahead!!!!

My husband (fiance really) and I have a long road ahead ladies.They are taking our visits for a year, throwing him up in the shu for awhile and extending his sentence awhile longer.To add to all that we will never have a family visit.He has a drug problem that he has yet to admit to, probably because I had to comfront him about it via letter and the problems just keep coming.Through all this he put us in a position that now has me in trouble along with him.But even thorugh all this I love the man and a few days ago I got a letter saying that he loved me also.In all this my family is flipping out and it has occured to me that they are never going to be okay with him.Please ladies....would you stay???I need advise!!!My heart tells me that I need to stay, my head says there is a long road ahead and everyone who doesnt know him says leave.I am counting on you ladies who know about this life to help.
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