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Hi Gina,
Sorry, was checking where else you had posted to see if you'd put up your question about "picking up a charge" elsewhere and ran into this. I'm in Los Angeles County. What I can tell you in regards to rehab (I worked in the industry for a few years) is that there are different options, and in some cases MediCal can pick up the tab if you've got little or no money. Los Angeles County (and every county in California actually) has a resource hotline. In can dial 2-1-1 from any phone, just like 4-1-1 or 9-1-1, and it will connect you to a hotline that can help with all sorts of different resources, from drug and alcohol treatment to affordable housing programs to mental health to medical care.

For a bit more information you can read up on the program at this link:

It sounds like you're trying to handle a lot of things at once. I don't know what sort of support network you have in place for yourself, but like I said in my other post, my inbox is always open.

Hoping for a good outcome for both you and your man.

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