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Originally Posted by trustingGOD001 View Post
Is he in State prison? Will he be on Parole? If the answers are yes STOP will pay for drug treatment programs. They have STOP programs all over CA. He should try to speak to the re-entry people so it's set up. Some will even pick him up and then he doesn't have to spend his $200.
Excellent resource recommendation, trusting. Gina knows the specifics but in talking to her it sounds like his current offense is an AB 109 situation and he'd be on probation post-release (not sure if that would change since he has a new charge pending but that might be an AB 109 situation as well, so probation, not parole, and no state prison.) I'm going to look into this as a reference for Dee......right now she looks good to come home once her release date hits, but if she gets out and struggles STOP might be an option, so I've learned something new, and I appreciate it...

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