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Originally Posted by tbrent75 View Post
Ok you guys I talked to Officer Coker. He was so helpful. He said I needed to order the food package then once the package arrives at the prison he calls you to give you s date. He laughed and said they paperwork had just made it on his desk and i called. He said must have been anxious. He also said for future reference the quicker you order the food the quicker you get a date. He said so once you request a date order the package and you'll have a date in about a week. The number is the prisom number and then ext. 5400. He answered on the 1st ring at around 1:45. I'll let you guys know when i get my date!!!!
How do you know you've been approved. I'm sorry so many questions did he mention a food menu. Walkenhorsts has a FV catalog not much to choose from most of the items are candy cookies stuff like that but access Securepak provides food to but u need to get the menu from the prison. I dnt knw which one is best. Mayb u can let me know. Tanz