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Well, I can't offer an exact replication, but I will say this.

I have always had a lot of female friends. I, generally (with a recent notable exception, ha!), get along with women better than I do with men.

All my closer friends knew about Dee, but people I got to know through my social groups that didn't know about her generally learned about her one of two ways.

1.) I reached a point of closeness with them where I felt comfortable talking with them about my love life.
2.) They wanted to become my love interest and I said "well...I have somebody" and was forced to explain. That actually was generally welcomed after the initial shock and I remained friends with those women. But none wanted to continue their pursuit or otherwise become involved as a third wheel.

So....I guess it depends on your level of honesty and their level of tolerance.

One stark contrast, though. With my female friends, they knew Dee was coming home at some point. In your case, Tammy might never come home based on her sentence. So you might get a different reaction. As to how Tammy might feel.....again, honesty. But she had an affair and didn't tell you, so my thinking is she kind of has to accept it? I could be wrong though....
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