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Originally Posted by WaitingWilkes View Post
So....I guess it depends on your level of honesty and their level of tolerance.

Iíve never hidden anything from her. Iíve been candid and shared details when she wanted me to.

One stark contrast, though. With my female friends, they knew Dee was coming home at some point. In your case, Tammy might never come home based on her sentence. So you might get a different reaction.

I never mentioned being married to women I had casual sex with. There was no reason to discuss personal issues. The lady Iím involved with is living with the same mess I am. Sheís married to a lifer. I donít have to tell her what itís like.

As to how Tammy might feel.....again, honesty. But she had an affair and didn't tell you, so my thinking is she kind of has to accept it? I could be wrong though....

Arguing about it wouldnít change anything. Iím doing what I need to do to get by, like she is. Our marriage is ďopenĒ despite her limited freedom to have satisfying relationships.
Makes sense.

Honestly, if all parties involved are okay with the arrangement, I do not see the harm in it.
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