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You said the woman you are "friends"

We’re friends with benefits.

with is also involved with a lifer.

She’s more than involved with him. They were married and have little kids.

Does her lifer know about your relationship?

No. He’s already going nuts over her being outside without him. He’s jealous and possessive. He bullied her into getting a “property of” tattoo with his number on it. Her family and his think he’s innocent and he’ll get out on appeal or retrial and they’ll pick up where they left off.

What if you and this woman end up falling in love with each other?

I’m hoping that doesn’t happen to either of us. She’s a lot younger than I am; pretty close to my daughter’s age. I’m not ready to be a parent again. I guess the best thing for me is hoping he gets out or she divorces him at some point and finds somebody her age when she’s free. I’m just playing it by ear. That’s why I posted this thread.

With you not only having a physical relationship but also having the connection of both having lifers, I wonder if it would be easier to slip into an emotional as well as physical relationship?

Having so much in common is what got us together in the first place. I felt sorry for her. I was afraid I was taking advantage of her when we first got together. Hopefully I’m not. I’ve gotten used to living alone. She hasn’t had time to.
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