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Originally Posted by writingtorobert View Post
Has anything happened there in the last couple days, does anyone know? Haven't heard from my boyfriend in 2.5 days which is very odd. Just wondering if anyone else has heard from their loved ones in the last couple days.
I am Back to using this site again. It is very useful and nice! And, Yes, my son, is BACK in prison again. Sighh. This time at TTCC. A new facility, which I had hoped would be a nice, decent place. I have not been there in person yet. I am in MS. But, from what I hear from him, and read online, and all the problems this new facility has had. It is a disgrace! It is a Medium facility. They keep them in Lockdown most of the time, meaning no phone calls. Yes, that is why you haven't got a call. The lists go on and on.
We need a special Thread just for TTCC ALONE. It is that Serious. I 2.5 days is nothing. You wait. God forbid if he has to go to the SHU. What few items my son DID have. As we can't afford to send him anything, as they take it for his charges, so we don't bother. Even his paycheck. Yep. My oldest son sent him NEW tennis shoes, a pair of shorts, a radio, head phones. Right? He hadn't even had those but a few months. They were all taken. It has been call after call, letter after letter trying to get those replaced or returned. My son has turned in form after form. My oldest son doesn't have money to throw out either. He is mad as hell, so am I.
So, you get the picture.
Stay on your guard about that place. Do your work and research. Good luck.

I'd like to hear from anyone else from TTCC out there on Prison Talk.

Sorry this is so long.

Gale Andrews
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