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Originally Posted by Minor activist View Post
Someone's organizing Trousdale outmates. Some have been risking contacting the press.

CoreCivic isn't even letting a state legislator visit:
SKANKY rats will NEVER allow the CATS in... CoreCivic is === well, no other way to say this but----CoreCivic THRIVES on retarded TN STATE and HATEs MORE than 'state' does... CORECIVIC thrives on screwing the IGNORANT way MORE than the state does--- is alllllll and ONLY about scamming for THE dollar... NO ONE in TN GOV cares about their people ONLY about how TN can SCAM the Feds for MONEY!!! TDOC/CORECivic is ONLY about and all about HATE, NOT one ounce of any form of 'love' happens in this UNEDUCATED JACK-AS% Backward 'state'... and the feds THRIVE on this crap!!!! SORRY, it is what it IS...
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