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Default (Video) Gov Taft must shut down death machine. Video of execution chamber.(Ohio)

This is a Video made inside Death Row in Ohio about John Spirko. John has received a stay until they can check the DNA. So his execution date is no longer Nov 15 as the video says.
But this video gives you a look inside the death Machine.

Ohio's dour brick "death house" looks as much like an industrial building as part of the Lucasville prison. The building's sole purpose is to perform a one-of-a-kind chemical process. It's the place where public employees inject lethal compounds into the arm of a criminal convict sentenced to die. Dayton Daily News

I personally want to Thank the Dayton Daily News for all the reporting they have done in this case and for giving me permission to post the video, also Eddie Roth for doing the video.

This link has been posted with the permission of

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