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Exclamation Question on parole violation hearing - Michigan

My fiance is currently in county jail becasue he got a new charge of possesion. He had less than a 1/2 gram on him but they are charging him with less than 25 grams. Anyhoo, he is being sentenced in circuit court in 2 weeks and then will be heading to Eagler I am assuming. Just wondering what happens at the parole violation hearings and if there's any chance he won't go back. I know with the what Granholm wants to do with the budget hs charge would be a misdemanor instead of a felony, but as of now, it's a felony. His PO said he's not eligable for TRV since it's a new felony case and that's he'd definitley go back? Anyone with similar experience that can help answer my question? Thanks
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