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Seeing your from St. Clair County, your fiance will be sent back to Egeler and will have to go before the parole board on a parole violation. My fiance was sent back to Egeler in May on the parole violation charge and got 12 months from the parole board for it. He faces a new charge of OUIL 3rd and was finally arraigned in district court on it last week. He has yet to be arraigned in circuit court. He was just sent back to Cotton last Thursday.

It seems that St. Clair County sends everyone with a parole violation immediately back to Egeler and to face the parole board. Even when the hearing officer recommended re-parole and substance abuse treatment, the parole officer wrote false information in his report that made my fiance sound like he was committing road rage at the time of his arrest (he has never been charged with this and it wasn't even his vehicle that the police were looking for at the time, he just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time even though he shouldn't have been drinking and driving) and therefore the board wrote that he could be a menace to society and gave him the 12 months.

Sorry that my news isn't sounding too good for you, but just wanted you to be aware of what St. Clair County does. There are six others that I know of that the same thing has happened to them in the past four months.
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