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Originally Posted by witchlinblue View Post
Is three months too short of a time to keep someone in a substance abuse treatment program ?
It seems that the federal programs are longer then most state programs when being referred by the P.O.. Most state programs use 3 month programs, is this too short ?
In my honest opinion, 90-days is way too short for any kind of treatment. Having been a A&D counselor, most of the people that do those types of treatment are doing a diversion program (rather than take a conviction). I realize you are talking about state vs federal prison treatment programs, but I still believe that is way too short to address all of the issues related to addiction.

The program my fiance was in here in Oregon was 6 months. I am not sure if any of them out here only do 90-days. It really depends on the individual in treatment as to whether it works or not, and the level of aftercare they recieve.

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