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Originally Posted by Chilitown65 View Post
My son is going to Stewart soon. Several inmates at high desert have told him it is the absolute worst camp you can go to. Over crowding is really bad causing unsafe and volatile conditions. Website makes it sound ok. Anyone out there have any real information? Hoping to find someone who has had someone there recently.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.
Not to alarm you but my boyfriend was there for three days recently and is now in administrative segregation because he was jumped by three men. He thinks it was due to race. He's okay but a bit lumped up. Fortunately he said that the altercation only lasted less than a minute before guards assisted him. When I speak with him later today I'll ask about overcrowding as this did not come up yet. Don't become over focused on the stories you hear though because these things can happen without rhyme or reason at any facility. I know it's nerve racking but this too shall pass as they say. If you have any specific questions let me know and I'll ask him. Best of luck!
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