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Default Aw shucks....

Thanks missyt for the kind words, but when I went to school, we were trained to "follow the money". An ordinary person becomes something you don't understand when you wave dollar bills in front of them. Has anyone had a death in the family and fought over assets? These people become ABNORMAL quite quickly.

Personally, I don't believe Amber was at first manipulated by money. Oh no, the cops saw to that when they threatened her with accessory after the fact. She was scared to death, and rightfully so, she just cashed in after the fact.

The half-sister? Her saga barely begs a mention, except some people make it so. She rates high on my list of gold-diggers in this case, perhaps #1. Read her book, and you will find that while it was probably written by a ghostwriter, THEY were not even good enough to hide the fact that the book could have gone either way, had he been aquitted. (And probably sold more books!). I'm sure it was being compiled while the trial was in progress.

Because it seems important to someone, I will state for the record that I followed the trial closely. Further, I did not pay for the transcripts, as I found them for free on the internet.

Whether or not this makes me more intelligent I will leave to the reader.

To sum up, I do not know if Scott is innocent or guilty. I don't have to.

Or system of government does not presume to decide if someone is innocent.

Only, not guilty.

Perhaps it is a shame that someone who is actually innocent can never clear his/her name by a verdict of "not guilty," it is the law, and for now we are stuck with it. O.J. and Mr. Blake were found not guilty, and now have the everyday shame of never again finding work to which they would otherwise be entitled. Deserved? Maybe.

But if they are innocent, the answer would be 'certainly not.'

I am a convicted felon. I have served the sentence for my wrongful conviction. In the People's Republic of Oklahoma, I cannot cut hair, because I am a convicted felon. I cannot be a vet, and care for an animal in pain, because I am a convicted felon. I cannot become an elected official of the City Council, because I am a convicted felon. Nor can I vote, which is taxation without representation. The list of jobs I cannot have is quite lengthy, most without reason, except that elected officials have become whores to the people that give them money to win elections.

A system that I cannot participate in.

Perhaps I would like to be a whore?

I'll just wait for my next girlfriend to be a suspect in her husband's death.

I digress, and apologize, gentle readers for what has been an emotional rollercoaster, regardless of where you sit.

I said it before, and say it again...get the back story. The discovery violations are too numerous to list. Scott's friends were bewildered by the fact that there were numerous sightings of his wife when he had an alibi, but these were only reported by newsmagazines when in a reinactment, a friend of Scott's confronted the detective in charge of the case. He told him then that since those facts didn't mesh with their interpretation of the case, they would not be investigated.

Follow the discovery.

If the detectives don't give it to the prosecution, the prosecution ain't got to give it to the defense.

It isn's quite fabricating evidence, as in the O.J. trial, but it is the OMISSION of evidence.

Quite disturbing.

Sorry for the thesis....

Rarely do I become involved in something so emotional, but I cannot sit by and watch missyt defend something of which she has first hand knowledge, against folks that only have the witch-hunting abilities of the FBI.
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