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I have the same problems my boyfriend is illegal alien and is incarcerated, can anyone tell if i can marry him in jail or in states eventhough he is illegally. i dont know where or how we can get married here since the only id he has is his passport but i do have his birth certificate. i'm not sure how the process goes to get married and what he would need so we could get married. I dont know if the jail will give us problems to marry. I know he going to get deported since he has commited a felony. So i dont think the option for me to wait til he comes out to marry here would be avaible since he probably will be deported immediately after he servers time. If anyone can give me advice, and do i legally have the right to marry him while he jail even if he is illegal. i hoping since i am us citzen that i have the right to marry who i want where i want in this country. But i dont know if he needs certains paper for marriage process like does he need social security number ? any advice would help me. and also does the jail have the legal right to stop of from marrying because of his illegal status ?
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