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I dont know for sure, but you said YOU were not told by someone on your team about a restraining order.
Guessing HIS did. He would be aware of it. He's the one who should be staying away from you.

Even if you do manage to get a visit, and he accepts the visit eventually the jail will be told about your visiting him. Then the next time you go you could be turned away.

I dont see any harm in trying to drop off his reading glasses. Not sure if they will accept them or not. Sort of depends on the glasses frames.

I really wish you would listen to those who have been on the same path as you.
At least take what they are saying into account. It feels like you are ignoring everything they are telling you.
Im sure at some point in their relationship with someone who is abusive they thought alot of the same things you do.
Like they are broken
Love will help him
If I do better so will he
If I do this, he will love me and then he will be better or dont do that and he wont *snap*

If you have not read thru this forum, please do so again. I dont think very many of the stories come out with a *happy ending*
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