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This is going to sound really harsh and I’m seriously not trying to be mean.

He doesn’t love you and he has zero respect for you- it’s not because he has “demons” that you can love away; it’s the fact you mean nothing to him, you’re nothing more than a means to an end- whether it’s money, sex, attention etc, he’s getting something from you and it’s not love that he’s after- no matter what he says.
He abused you enough to be put in prison- he treated you like less than an animal—
do you see him attacking and abusing animals?

If yes- then he’s pure evil.
If no, then he has more respect for animals than he does you.

Also, these guys lose even more respect for you when you keep going back to them after they do this; you become even lower than dirt in their eyes because you have zero self respect- you’re probably thinking he’ll be grateful that someone loves him as much as you do and you stay with him despite everything—- no, what he’s thinking is “ I can do whatever I want to this dumb bitch and she STILL keeps coming back for more”
That’s why the abuse ALWAYS gets worse- they know you’ll come crawling back each time.
In fact, he’s probably disgusted with the fact that you come back after what he’s done.

These guys do not change- and if he needs reading glasses, his family can get him some.

I’m not trying to be mean, and I know how you feel because Ive been in a dv relationship.
It was hard for me to accept that this was the reality of what they think— I know you think yours is different, we ALL thought ours was different and our relationship was different and more complex and nuanced than the other dv relationships.
It’s not- this is how it is, this is the ugly truth of it.
Read the book “ why does he do that” as soon as you can.

Good luck out there xo
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