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Ignoring something does not resolve it. You have blatantly ignored multiple responses regarding your questions as well as red flags in your relationship. This is something that could cost you your life. Not right this second but it the long run.

Like YOURSELF stated, you can be in love with someone and know that they are not healthy or good for you. You can make that decision because you love yourself and respect yourself.

No one here can tell you if there's a restraining order. Talk to your legal team or contact the district or county you believe it to be in and the court system should be able to tell you if there is one on file. Do not just assume that a temporary restraining order was lifted, especially if he has not been sentenced.

Give the glasses to his family. You have not shared what happened but it sounds like it was tragic and painful. Process these feelings in therapy. Share with the therapist what you experienced and ask for the tools to effectively heal through this. It's not an easy road and there is no negativity here. We are in this forum because we ourselves have personally experienced DV or know of other's who have. Just because someone sheds the truth does not make it negative. You the listener/reader have deemed the information as such because you are having difficulty facing the reality of the situation. This is a serious situation. Partners that love one another do not harm each other.

You stated that he has his mean we all have baggage and only you can set the standard for how you are treated. Demons wouldn't be the way I would want to describe any partners behavior or says the world. You will do what you want. So I'm surprised you even brought this up in a forum..because it seems you have already made up your mind. You will do what you want and you will continue to have the same results. I hope things go well for you and that you one day choose to open your eyes and see what is right in front of you.
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