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Originally Posted by Taliba00 View Post
[To clarify: my response is to yourself's post above]

No need to call me grandiose and get patronizing. I'm on the same side of this debate, after all.

Humans as a species are pretty awful to one another -- no need for advanced studies on that. They've been killing each other and continue to kill and objectify each other as 'the other' since humans first started walking this planet. To say that we've been brutal to one another is a vast understatement.

CO's chosen to push the plunger are picked precisely because they don't work alongside the inmate -- in order to be in a better position to objectify that person. The CO's who deal with the DR inmates daily have come to know them as 3-D persons, not cartoons.

Everyone has a threshold for objectification. The CO who developed PTSD in the Herzog film only got it after he was part of the execution of a woman. Before then, he'd been part of many executions and it didn't affect him in the way the woman did. Was he sexist? I hardly think it's that simple. Anyway.
The CO in the Herzog film is just one of many. You should hear some of the former wardens and even a few chaplains who have participated. Carlos de Luna did it for one chaplain. A few other questionable inmates did it for the former Texas warden.

The system is sexist. Currently, it benefits women when it comes to death sentences. The statistics are pretty incredible - it is not the crime that gets women on a gurney, it is the woman. Attractive women are far less likely to ever face death for the same crime as unattractive women. But, hey, if you want to get into sexism and the system, start a different thread. Don't resort to calling a guard with PTSD sexist because he reached his emotional threshold for killing people when he had to kill a woman.

If you really feel the need to educate me about the death penalty in the US, give me some basis for understanding where you are coming from. Maybe then we can discuss why and when and under what circumstances the death penalty can be abolished.

Until then, this is a thread on trump throwing his weight around in order to play politics with people's lives.
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