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Originally Posted by miamac View Post
I don't recall if it was the Herzog doc, but the role that struck me as about as far removed from the killing of an inmate and yet someone still affected-- kitchen staff. A last meal request has to be filled by someone. Someone has to read the order, place the order, prepare the order, plate the order, deliver the order. And every step they know they are doing it for someone who is about to die-- not naturally.

A cook. I cannot support a law that requires a cook to bear the emotional burden of participating in sterilized, legalized, homicide.

For what it's worth, I was once pro death penalty. I could justify cases (elevating act over actor, removing my judgement from the person just as gvalliant described) that would warrant that level of punishment on the perpetrator. It was my husband who first challenged me to think differently. Though he is a long-term inmate, he isn't on DR nor a lifer. He is a former gang member; someone who once stood behind an ideology that upheld the killing of people for much less than the crimes these five men are scheduled to die for. I was shocked when he told me he was against it. So we had a conversation about it. His biggest argument was that part of the purpose of incarceration was to remove an unsafe person from society. Yes, the death penalty does that, but so does life without except that LWOP carries potential for something positive. I argued that life without wasn't much of a life (uff, time to grow). I got an earful. But I heard him and I couldn't argue in response. He was speaking from experience. So much of his own growth has come from men who did heinous things and are paying for that with the total loss of their freedom. If their sentence had been capital, my husband would have never met them, never benefited from their lessons learned, their friendship, their hard-earned wisdom. We would have removed one man from life by lethal injection, and put another countless number of lives in a deficit by his absence.
A cook who used to prepare the final meal for Texas inmates back when Texas allowed choice in final meals commented along the lines of taking great care to prepare the meal knowing that in just a few short hours, that meal would become stomach contents in an autopsy. Sobering.
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