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Hi I am not asking for any money I just want your help in spreading the word please...why are they not doing anything for quarantines in county jail no medication no testing the only way the take them out is if they are not breathing anymore the father of my baby to be is in as dorm that is quarantined and they haven't tested anyone they just keep them quarantined in the doorm he called me yesterday and told me they just took one of the inmates away in a helicopter because he wasnt breathing other than that nothing he has been sick himself over three weeks now he told me he was sorry he might not make it out to meet our daughter he feels like he's gonna die in there ..I am 6 months pregnant I'm due on July 20 and I dont know what I would do if he never made it out I'm currently homeless living in tent because I was living with him before his arrest can you please help me spread the word about doing something for the inmates at risk of Corona infection please..
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