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Default Phone/Visitation issue- removed from visitation list after call forwarding to my cell

I am asking for help here. Mu husband and I made a mistake regarding the phones. I work from home and my work # is transferred home and anytime I am not available I have to forward to my cell so they can contact me. I left early on Friday to do Christmas shopping and he happened to call that night and I answered it. They gave him a major case for it...30 days no rec, commissary, or contact visits & 90 days no phone calls. Now today I get a letter that they have removed me from his visitation list. August will be 2 years that he will be locked up and I am the only one on his visitation list that sees him and we have a 2 year old. His mother has only been a couple of times in the 1 1/2 yrs he has already been there. Obviously I shouldn't have answered the phone but it was completely unintentional. They said I could write an appeal letter. Has anyone else had to deal with this and were you able to get back on the list after you were removed?

Thanks in advance.
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