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Hey there.. Since your LO is in federal custody, you should be able to locate him through the bop inmate locator. It will tell you where he is at, and also allow for you to get the mailing address for the facility.

It is possible that when he returned to prison (due to the violation) that he was sent to the SHU, while the wait for his hearing. It is also possible that he hasn't been able to write you as he does not have stamps or stationary, nor does he have money on his account to buy such supplies..

Once he is established inside again, he will be able to set you up on his call list, and send you visit form as well.. The process of being processed through BOP can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the facility, his charges, the hearing, holidays, and how quickly the COs decide to work..

FBOP has alot of possibilities, as they are sooo inconsistent in their actions, policies, rules and regs.. But tis the life we lead when we love a federal inmate
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