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Your designated release location, for HWH and eventually on your end of sentence date/ start of supervised release date (1 year, one day minus 54 days good time), will be the federal judicial district where you were sentenced. That can be changed if you file a change of release location request with your bop unit team a couple of months before your HWH or release date. The more legitimate reasons for requesting the change, the better your chances for approval. If the change is to a different federal judicial district, the "receiving" US Probation office will have to approve it.

My advice is to wait until the appropriate time to discuss your eventual "home plan" with anyone. If you want to be released to a HWH in the same location as where you caught your case, you won't need to do anything. Your eventual "home plan" (where you hope to reside) will be vetted by the local US Probation Officer after a "home visit inspection". The HWH may do their own investigation before allowing you to go there on passes, or just accept the US PO's decision, but the important approval is to be allowed to live wherever it is you want to live.
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