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Originally Posted by Mrzhernandez13 View Post
Thank you so much for that info :-)
Your welcome...

U cn take
One bag of clothing per visitor
Deodorant . Toothbrush
Pkastic comb n brush . Feminine hygiene priducts ........
Max is 10 condoms/visit
All personal hygiene items n cosemetics shall b unopened n in clear plastic containers .no glass.

Allowed items for baby
1 infant carrier
1Unopened bag of disposable diapers
1 Container of unopen baby wipes
2 plastic baby bottles with enough formula to ladt during the visit
1 transparent pacifier
9 jar of factory sealed baby food
1 bby blanket single layer
Clothing no blue denium.....

Prohibited items
Items with alcohol in them includes shampoo gel ...
Electric or battery operated appliances or devices ex. Toyshair dryer. Curling irons....
Linen intuition will provided all that's needed
Aerol sprays or glass containers
Blue or green denim swim suuts grey suits no grey green red purple yelliw or gokd cilor clithing or clithing which may resemble inmate state issued clothing.
Suitcases of any size or material. Alk items muz be either paper bag or in a plastic bag......

Prescribed Medication must provide a written physicist stattement n in original container.....

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