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Default Hey NE from FL

Originally Posted by David View Post
If you have been incarcerated any time in the past, please sign in here. If you would like, please also tell us when and where and anything else you feel is relevant.

Please ONLY use this thread to "sign in" and not for general conversation. My goal for this thread is to let PTO members know who we are in the event they have questions for us, and for future ex-cons/offenders/prisoners to see there are others of us here.

David (Fed-X)

[You are welcome to be as detailed as you want.. Just your name & where you did time, or as long winded as you like]
Jessica Hamlin York Women Correctional in York NE 09/05- 06/06 and Jason Williamson Tecumseh 2004-2010 and went back to D&E on Parole violation 2013-2015 total
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