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Washington State...Pine Lodge...Growing Marijuana. 1 year 1 day

Conspiraccy/cocaine 97 months FCI El Reno/ FCI Seagoville...
I was old/new law...squashed paper in 7 months..FCI Oakdale

20 year Sentence in TDC-J for poss w/ intent to distribute.

Funny how some folks learn quick...and some of us, like me...are It took me 3 trips before I actually accepted that it isn't a failure to do well at selling dope...or even slipping up and being caught. Shoot, it wasn't brilliant police work that put me was No matter where you go, how discreet you act...there is always someone willing to tell on you to get out of trouble. Since the day I realized this, I haven't been back, nor even had the inclination to do so... I know how all of ya'll feel..and for me...I just do the next right thing, and do my best to prove the folks that made regulations something to lose your freedom for...WRONG. But, with 16 years of Parole to live down...I thought it would be hard. Actually, it is not...UNLESS, your counselor hits on you, you tell them no...and they seek revenge for the hurt making it impossible to finish a Oh well, justice shall win the day.
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