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Originally Posted by missingdee View Post
Thought for today: The notion of a Higher Power is not a set religious concept, but the idea of "God as we know him (or her or it.)" It does not even have to be a God if that does not conform to your belief system. It's simply the notion that some power greater than you (and separate from you) has the ability to take on your problems and struggles. Sometimes the best thing to do, when we come to the conclusion that we cannot control a situation, is to give up the attempt to control it and instead focus on controlling and changing the things within our power: namely our own thoughts, habits and behaviors.

What ever your higher power is. This is the thing(s) that has helped me stay clean(16 years now) Trust me I have pushed my higher power to its breaking point a few times. Yet it never broke or let me down. I have slipped a few times but it was never with my main devil (cocaine)
Sometimes I just want that nice cocktail after a disappointing day full of rejection. As long as I keep the jones under control for cocaine I am doing great in my eyes.
I still have amends to make and some amends can not be made. As long as I can look in the mirror everyday and face me I am doing what is right for me.
Be a friend to everyone,never know when you may need their help
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