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Default My cat is dying and I'm falling apart

I am having a horrible week. I got stopped for speeding Saturday ( I have a bit of a lead foot) and found out my registration was expired. But that's not the worst thing ... $400. Fixed that..taxes..emissions..reg fees ..arrgh..then Sunday 1 of my cats started acting beautiful 2.5 year old orange long hair Max..tuesday am to the emergency vet in more bad news his kidneys are failing ..enlarged..likely congenital..I just came back from holding him for the last time and my geart is broken. I know hes a cat but it just doesnt matter really hurts. I can't stop the tears. I sat in the vets office and held him for 45 minutes and told him how much I love him. Tomorrow morning I have to call but I can tell he's not getting better. His kidney function did not improve with hydration and the writing is on the wall . I have to let him go so not good with this stuff..I think I'm going to head over to visit him because I need the support. If I can stop crying that is.

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