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They use everything they can to keep you from getting that year off. I took the RDAP program even after knowing i was not going to get the time off and I believe it really helped me out. My pretrial probation officer said i was the worst addict he had ever seen. I just got let off my supervised release over a year early. The program is really good in my opinion if you use it to your advantage. They would not give me the time off as they said that an enhancement to my crime was violent. I had a meth lab explode, no one including myself were injured and no property was destroyed. But the FBOP said they classify that as a violent offense. I have seen many people get denied for guns that were never used or just about any reason. What really blows my mind is that they will give sex offenders time off for RDAP and to me that seems way more violent than having a gun u dont use or a meth lab explode. Because even if they were just in for pictures somebody had to subject those kids to physical abuse to get the pictures. Also Where does the FBOP get off saying something is violent of the court does not recognize it as violent.
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