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Congratulations on your ongoing recovery. That's great. Guidice has lived in this country from decades, I think he's Italian or Portuguese, but never bothered to do the paperwork required to get citizenship. The majority of non-citizens get deported after they serve their term. I'm guessing Guidice will not be deported, but he is in the same category that is denied RDAP, even without benefits because that category is denied halfway house placement.

This rule is a cost-saving measure. Why would the US government treat people who aren't residents and who can participate in aftercare? RDAP is the only federal program that gives time off, and the funding continues because the statistics of the success holds up year after year. For once, I think the government got it right on the non-citizenship ban. I think the definition of "violence" is too broad. Had a client get refused time off because he legitimately had a gun in his home, it had to do with the distance it was located from the product. Sex offender is also a broad category. Many convicted of child pornography aren't violent, some are. Not all halfway houses will accept child pornography convictions as a matter of policy.

Good luck with your continuing sobriety.
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