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I am not sure about GED I did think that there were many hispanic people doing the GED program but again I am not positive as i was not in the class. I also have little trust in lawyers that deal with federal cases for the most part. We have a really good public defender in my district he really does his best but one of my co defendants got him and I was stuck with someone they contracted out to. He told me i was likely to get 2 years. Told me i would get time off for drug program. told me day of sentencing i would get 53 months that he had talked to prosecutor and then said that was too much time during the sentencing and either pissed off prosecutor or something cause prosector didnt make recommendation on specific time he just said cant recommend bottom of guidlines and i got sentenced to 63 months. 10 mins after he told me would be 53. luckily i got the 2 point deduction Obama passed after being in for a couple years and knocked it down to 51 months

Also see a lot of people come in with short sentences of less than 3 years and think they gonna get RDAP usually doesnt happen and If you have less than 27 months they almost never let you as they say you dont have time to finish the program. Between waiting list and length of program if ur not over 30 months don't count on the program. And No I would say at least half of the inmates are no where near where they thought they were going or even where the judge recommended.

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One thing that has stunned me reading here at PTO is how little lawyers know about bop and their policies.

A few years ago a member got a 6 month sentence and was stunned she was SSed to a FCI. My 1st question to her was are you a US citizen?

No, she was not and only US citizens get a camp. When she told the lawyer the lawyer was stunned - thought all short sentences went to a camp.

Also, she had 3 years probation and her lawyer told her she would get to stay in the US for those 3 years paying off restitution and this is never the case.

The most repeated mistake I hear though is the overstating of how much say so the inmate has about where they are placed. Either the soon-to-be-inmate hears what they want or some lawyers make it sound like the bop really cares about where you want to go.

And then there is deportation - many insist their lawyer never even hinted deportation, but all but automatic.

Non-citizens are banned from programs other than RDAP too; none of the vo-tech classes are offered to non-citizens and if I remember right neither is GED. I think only ESL is the only class, but I hope somebody updates me if that has changed.
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