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RDAP has an independent application process. The federal court has no influence over the decision. Generally, addiction must be documented in the Pre-Sentence Report to be considered. It has to be documented that abuse (alcohol and/or drug) must occur within 12 month before starting incarceration.

I don't see how 21 months would work in most situations. Approximately, after the first staffing (which isn't instantaneous), the referral has to be made. The interview process takes time. Then there has to be an opening in the program, followed by 9 months of treatment, placement in the halfway house which has to be signed off by both the probation office and the halfway house and 6 months in the halfway house mandated by law. Even if the BOP moved that quickly, the inmate wouldn't get much time off his sentence and would be required to complete all the aftercare.

I agree it is short sighted to exclude gambling but I'm not sure what type of treatment would help the "conned" women, although there are a lot of them.

I'm sure there are exceptions, but I think 30 months is the realistic number for clearing the full process.
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