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Originally Posted by Kistak514 View Post
Would you mind asking your friend about Corey Rhodes? He hung himself in prison Nov. 30th 2012. They said he hung himself with a sock from his bed. And that he was in the cell by himself. He was like 6 ft tall. I can't imagine how he could have done it from his bed. Also I heard they are not suppose to be in the cells by themselves. I don't understand how no one seen or heard anything. I feel like the prison is hiding something. They believe he was hanging 20 mins before they found him.
I will ask my friend in my next letter. I know for fact west hall has very tall ceilings in the cells. A guy hung himself two cells down from my cell in the 90's and no one heard or saw a thing. At certain times of day and during the night. ALL inmates are locked up. Only a couple guards on duty. About every 20 minutes they walk by each cell glancing in. When a guard walks by you know you should have at least 15 minutes to do whatever. Unless an inmate is on a suicide watch list. They can be in a cell by themselves.

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