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I agree with xolady. Prison sucks period no matter what your socio-economic background is and to assume that just because someone is from a low income background will have an easier time in prison is just so stereotypical! That's terrible. I don't care if you're white, black, or red. If you're rich, or poor, prison f'ing sucks and no one is prepared for it. White people, black people, rich people and poor people, low class, middle class, and wealthy, everyone knows people who have gone to prison. And if they tell you otherwise, they're lying! But that doesn't make it any easier just because they may know someone. People don't want to talk about it. Many people get out and want to forget about it.

It's really about doing your research before you go in and even then there will be some unexpected surprises that no matter how much you prepare in advance, you can never be fully prepared. But really it doesn't matter how much money you have before hand or not, you can never be fully prepared. And I am not so elitist that I would ever say something like "in my circles it just doesn't happen". Like I said, trust me, you know people! Everyone does. You just may not realize you know them!!
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