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Angry Need someone to calm me down...

My pregnant wife was sentenced last Monday to 120 days at York for a 2nd DUI from last year, so we're a week in now.

She calls us every day completely terrified, especially because nobody there will tell her anything about what's actually going on. I listen to her and now I'm completely terrified because there literally is no way for me to know what's going on either.

Our attorney assured us that he's never had a 2nd DUI where the person had no other prior record do more than 60 days of that 120. When my wife called today she said she was finally transferred out of the "intake" unit or whatever they call it. She had been told that in order to get into the program she needed to be in, she'd be moved to the East ward- presumably with the rest of the drunks and otherwise non-violents. Instead, she was put into the west ward, where she's with those convicted of murder and other serious and violent crimes. Nobody will tell her why she was put there- apparently she has to fill out some official form and somebody will get back to her in two f***** weeks!?!

How is this even remotely rehabilitative??

She has a history of complicated pregnancies, everything up to and including her liver shutting down and full-blown eclampsia. She went in with printed specific instructions from her doctors that she needs her BP checked regularly- because if her BP spikes she *will* die. Whomever did the intake threw it all in the garbage and said "we don't do that here." It was a while before she could call me so that I could call all of her doctors and have them contact the facility directly, and since then her BP has been checked once. Even her freaking prenatals were refused until yesterday.

She made a really stupid and bad decision, and we both understand she needs to face the consequences for that- but she most certainly does not deserve to be in a situation where they are literally going to kill her with their negligence. Will they even tell me after they've killed her, or will I just find out through lack of phone calls? Hopefully it doesn't happen on a Tuesday during their day of f***** rememberance where they punish the inmates that weren't even there at the time....

Ok, I think I'm done with my incoherent ranting.. Sorry all, just needed to vent my frustration out to the ether.

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