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Default What are the use of pepper spray procedures?

Hey, WA CCO. Want to share the use of pepper spray procedures with us? Not the policy that says it's okay, but the procedures. I'd really love to see where it says it's fine to poison everyone in the vicinity in an indoor setting with high grade OC that's banned by many international bodies, and also where it doesn't say how you then give medical attention to poisoned inmates to prevent permanent damage to the eyes and skin.

Don't bother with the explanation of how it's a minimal use of force, officer safety, prevention of a riot, etc. I've heard it all before regarding riot cops in the street, and none of that will hold up in court to excuse mass punishment for the offenses of a few individuals, as well as cruel and unusual punishment due to the high concentration, indoor use, and lack of medical attention.

You seem to have an answer for everything, let's see the procedure.
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