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Originally Posted by sidewalker View Post
I used to like getting called. lol. We got paid by my workplace and only had to pay back any money we got from the court if we were called. So it was sweet getting out of work for jury duty.

Like I said, got called and picked for a criminal trial. I think it was like a 6 week or so trial. (not everyday going to court tho) We ended up a hung jury. I hated that.
Turns out the person they were trying ended up pleading to the charge we would have found them guilty of anyway. (I think that was like a yr and a half or longer, later)
It was stressful for everyone. I hated not coming to a consensus and having others go thru it all over again.

I don't know about your county. The county I reside in if you are 70 or older you don't even have to show up. Starting the first of next year I get to go back in the jury pool thanks to California allowing ex- felons to sit on juries now. They call me I will get the boot fast, three times to prison and many years of doing legal research for a appellate program should exclude me real fast. They sit me on a jury they are looking at a hung jury real fast
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